Case Study

McCoy’s Corporate Headquarters

The McCoy’s Building Supply company’s roots go back to the late 1920s when Frank McCoy, the company’s namesake, founded a roofing company in Galveston, Texas. Since then, the company has transitioned out of roofing and into the building supply business, enduring natural disasters, market demand changes, and fierce national competition along the way.

Now the largest privately owned business in central Texas, McCoy’s has over 85 stores across five states and offers comprehensive building supplies as well as farming and ranching equipment. The company has enjoyed four generations of family leadership, and their commitment to hard work, excellent customer service, and fairness have made them a pillar of their Texas community.

When the company decided to build a new corporate headquarters in San Marcos, Texas, they came to Salas O’Brien for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design.

The three-story, 73,400-square-foot building features an open central atrium, native stone columns, and custom woodwork that highlight the company’s value for excellent craftsmanship. The design of the space accommodates collaboration and company-wide meetings while complementing the company’s departmental structure—a key goal for McCoy’s executive team. Our team is proud to have worked on this pivotal company project that will serve McCoy’s for years to come.   


San Marcos, Texas

Construction Cost:

Project Size:
73,400 Square Feet

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering