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Launch Media

Creative Bloc

This facility is part of the cutting-edge co-work trend that is growing roots in Baton Rouge and around the country. The Creative Bloc offers artists and entrepreneurs in need of a unique and collaborative work space the option of renting meeting and work spaces of varying sizes—offices, full business suites, and a full production studio among them. This workspace concept allows small businesses and startups to rent space without the hassle of managing security, utility, and other expenses. It also brings like-minded creatives together in an environment that encourages and enhances collaboration.

Salas O’Brien played a part in bringing this workspace to life by providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services while carefully protecting historic elements of the space. Throughout the project, minimal modifications were made to the historic exterior walls. The final product capitalized on the charming historic elements left over from the renovated structures and seamlessly incorporated them with cutting-edge contemporary workplace design.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Construction Cost:
$1.2 Million

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

Gold Award Winner by AIA Baton Rouge