Case Study

Global Mobile Communication Company

Switch Room 3 Addition

Norton’s existing Control Room and Training Room was converted into a new 2,000 square feet raised floor Switch Room.

Salas O’Brien created a new Mechanical Room to allow for the maximum number of racks to be installed on the new raised access floor. A 1,200 square feet structural platform was also added on the roof to support the new HVAC equipment. The platform was designed to include a louvered screen wall to hide the equipment from the front of the building.

The MEP systems were designed for 150 W/ft² with n+1 redundancy. Liebert DSE CRAC’s provided humidity control using the raised access floor and ceiling plenums for air distribution. The project also included installing new OptiCool RPC/ICP’s with condensers on the roof.

The Fire Protection included a new FM200 zone for the new room both above and below the raised access floor. The existing pre-action sprinkler system was modified to include this new room.


Norton, Massachusetts

Construction Cost:

Project Size:
2,000 Square Feet

Architecture, Construction Management, Fire Protection, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering