Case Study

Global Mobile Communication Company

Telecommunications Center Renovation

Salas O’Brien counts among its clients several of our nation’s largest telecommunications providers. One of those clients approached Salas O’Brien to solve a problem: their mobile subscriber base was exploding and they needed more capacity.

The company had an existing telecommunications center in Irvine, California, that needed an additional 3,000 square feet of hardware. In particular, the center needed auxiliary cabling loads, four new power plants, new HVAC equipment, and more.

The upgrade included significant architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical components. Salas O’Brien’s reputation for providing architectural and engineering for telecommunications companies, our skills in all of the required fields, and our existing relationship with the client made us the perfect choice for this project.

Our rigorous approach to weekly project management and our ongoing, on-site construction management were key factors in making this project a success. Salas O’Brien’s work was completed on schedule and within budget with no impact to the preexisting switch room operations.


Irvine, California

Construction Cost:
$4.5 Million

Project Size:
3,000 Square Feet

Architecture, Construction Management, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection.