Case Study

Global Mobile Communication Company

Telecom Switch Renovation

Salas O’Brien performed architecture, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering for the Norristown’s OptiCool addition.

This 6,000 square feet telecommunications center’s original raised floor switch room was roughed-in for Liebert’s chilled water XD refrigerant pumping units.

Salas O’Brien installed new OptiCool refrigeration pumps with new rack doors and active heat extractors for all existing racks and DC power plants. In addition, the chilled water piping system was modified in order to allow for up to four additional high density cooling refrigeration pumps.

The refrigerant distribution system was installed for all existing and future equipment rows with A/B distribution. DC power distribution for power to all new and future active heat extractor fans was also added.


Norristown, Pennsylvania

Construction Cost:

Project Size:
6,000 Square Feet

Architecture, Construction Management, Fire Protection, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering