Case Study

Fortune 50 Software Company

Campus Building Modifications

This client approached Salas O’Brien with a request to redesign the Concept Development Center wing within one of their campus buildings. Their original design placed two rows of offices along exterior windows, blocking natural light from entering the space. In addition, the light fixtures did not provide sufficient additional light, leaving the space dark and uninviting.

Salas O’Brien’s team redesigned the Concept Development Center wing with the goal of maximizing opportunities for collaboration and using natural light to brighten the space.

Our designers reconfigured nine private offices and added glass fronts to the offices, allowing daylight to filter into the space and providing a much needed vista to the outdoors. A new design of two work and kitchen areas also opened up the space while improving the flow throughout the wing. Inviting, collaborative areas with sliding and marker-friendly glass panels now create opportunities for casual yet productive meetings, and varying height tables in each kitchen area encourage impromptu meetings and conversation.


Redmond, Washington

Interiors and Architecture