Case Study

Fortune 15 Telecommunications Company

New Mobile Switching Center

Whether users are sending an important work email, scrolling through news feeds, or simply calling home—telecommunications providers route that data through switching centers. Strategically positioned around the country, these hubs are the brains that keep data flowing smoothly among users, and they require faultless design and security.

When one of Salas O’Brien’s recurring Fortune 15 telecommunication clients decided to build a new switching center to meet the needs of users in and around Hillsboro and Portland, Oregon, they trusted our team with the mechanical and electrical design, architectural design, interior architecture, and construction administration for the project.

The finished 43,000-square-foot facility protects two central switch rooms, as well as two power rooms, a central switch control room, and supporting data and telecommunications spaces. Our team’s design keeps the facility’s critical equipment safe from all types of disasters, and it empowers our client to support cell users efficiently—without downtime.


Hillsboro, Oregon

Construction Cost:
$17.7 Million

Project Size:
43,000 Square Feet

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Architecture