Case Study

Disney Springs Coca-Cola Retail Store

The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, brings together the best in company merchandise and technology-driven brand experiences. As Coca-Cola’s flagship retail location, the Disney Springs store aims to give visitors tangible interactions with the company’s distinct brand through everything from engaging visual displays and fun memorabilia to the feel of fresh, arctic chill that characterizes their main product line. Salas O’Brien helped make Coca Cola’s vision for the store a reality through targeted engineering services and advising.

The sleek, three-story structure includes interactive AV displays, a Polar Bear mascot photo op, and lots of shopping—all topped off by a rooftop beverage bar overlooking Disney Springs. Our Orlando team was brought on board the project by Baker Barrios, the architect, to ensure that the store’s roof-mounted air-cooled chiller and chilled water air handling unit delivered on guests’ expectations for a chilled environment in the store. Salas O’Brien also helped ensure the function of a liquid nitrogen fog effect in the Polar Bear Interactive display at the photo op area—a feature that adds a dramatic flair to the mascot’s entrance.

Some of the unique design elements that enabled this dense cooling are glass enclosed interior walk-around ramps, which create circulation between floors, and a pressure relief system that discharges air to the roof mounted bar and creates a slight cooling effect on the roof. The flawless design of these AC features ensure that shoppers leave the experience refreshed.


Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Project Size:
10,000 Square Feet

Engineering Services

$12.5 Million