Case Study

California State University, Los Angeles

La Kretz Hall

Salas O’Brien performed engineering design services and support for the replacement and upgrade of two fume hoods for the La Kretz Hall located on California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Salas O’Brien verified the chemicals used in the pre-purchased, but not yet installed, laminar flow hood as well as determined the chemicals corrosive properties.

A code check was also completed to make sure that the new hood was compliant with all codes. The same process was done to the existing fume hood.

This project for CSULA also included the review of controls interface and of connection issues and details (electrical and mechanical) as well as the development of installation specifications. Support of installation on an as requested basis was also provided.


Los Angeles, California

Construction Cost:
$ 300,000

Project Size:
20,000 Square Feet

Engineering Design Services