Our Expertise

Over the past decades, Salas O’Brien engineers have partnered with schools and districts across the country to design access control, power generation, technology systems, and more.

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How We Can Help

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Commissioning for new construction or existing buildings
  • Communication and security infrastructure
  • Central plants and power generation
  • Lighting design
  • Fire protection
  • Construction administration

As big as Salas O'Brien is getting with offices across the country, you might think that local service would begin to suffer. But I've seen just the opposite. They continue to collaborate well with other team members and provide consistent, quality work. Partnering with Salas O'Brien ensures that projects are completed efficiently, with minimal disruption to services, and that the end result enhances the educational environment for our students.

Large Houston-area School District

Recognized Experts

  • Senior-level involvement on every project
  • Highly technical expertise and certifications
  • Years of field experience
  • Ability to ask questions and solve business problems
  • Collaborative approach among all project team members