How PCI Works

PCI, a Salas O’Brien Company, is a multi-discipline design firm born out of a construction company. Our expertise lies in a wide range of industries and strengthens our ability to provide the best value with customized solutions that support the success of our clients.

You can expect the following key principles from PCI when you select us as your partner.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork   
  • Pursuit of Operational Excellence
  • More than Innovative Designs  
  • Focus on Safety

Value through collaboration and teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration are key to our pursuit of providing best value solutions. Our project managers and their teams are committed to the success of their projects and understand that providing the best solution includes collaborating with our:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Subcontractors/subconsultants

Our project teams coordinate with and support each other to deliver on our commitments and meet the requirements of each project.

Pursuit of operational excellence

PCI strives for operational excellence. We work to improve everything we do through our processes in conjunction with our ISO 9001 quality management compliant standards. These standards include quality assurance, quality control, and risk management procedures. Employees at PCI are encouraged to identify improvement opportunities and communicate their ideas for consideration and implementation. In addition, we seek our client’s feedback to help identify ways to better our services. Our emphasis on operational excellence assures we provide exceptional, value-added services that increase customer and employee satisfaction.

More than innovative designs

Our innovative design solutions reduce construction costs and allow for proper maintenance and operation. PCI has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by construction companies when executing projects. We understand that poorly coordinated designs can expose our customers to the increased risk associated with change orders driving increased cost and schedule overruns. Our approach to design projects starts with constructability in mind.

  • We capture the existing conditions by utilizing a laser scanner to create a 3-D model as the basis of our design.
  • Our team develops the design and the details to coordinate new systems within the existing conditions.
  • We assure proper equipment clearances are included in our designs, so that the contractors are not required to determine the equipment layout during construction.

Ensuring workplace safety

We work to see that everyone including our customers, partners, vendors, and subs go home safe every night. It is a commitment we build into our design solutions as well as the belief that safety must never be compromised. Safety is our first priority and is evident through our commitment to training, mentoring and proper work planning. We strive for zero incidents and work to prevent accidents before they happen.