Why these ever-present—but little-understood—systems have a big impact on your facility

Imagine two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A facility distribution center sends 12,000 volts across a campus to light university classrooms, cool data centers, and power hospital wings. No one thinks about it because it was properly installed, is well-maintained, and is functioning properly.

Scenario 2: The same facility experiences an electrical failure, and power to the entire campus is lost. Confusion ensues before a backup generator kicks in, and now the facility must scramble with unscheduled and costly emergency repairs. Employees must be coordinated during campus-wide shutdowns; there is a loss of production and, most likely, significant damage to the electrical backbone of the campus.

In this Salas O’Brien white paper, we explain what medium voltage is, why maintaining it is so important, and how Salas O’Brien can help your facility avoid Scenario 2 above.

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