US Environmental Protection Agency


Bioresearch Lab Consolidation


Mechanical & Electrical
Fire protection


Athens, Georgia




$31.6 million


77,318 square feet

High-Efficiency Upgrades for Laboratory Consolidation

Our team served as the prime contractor providing contract management, project management, and engineering services for the consolidation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region Four Science and Ecosystem Support Division and Office of Research and Development Bioresearch Laboratories. The project included programming, planning, and renovating the main bioresearch laboratory and multiple auxiliary buildings. We designed all of the bioresearch laboratory facilities to comply with the EPA requirements for a BSL-2 research laboratory.

The renovated laboratories include many energy-efficient features. The chiller plant consists of chillers, cooling towers, and associated pumps. The plant is supplemented with an air-cooled chiller—equipped with two refrigerant circuits for part-load efficiency—and an associated pump equipped with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) providing redundancy to the overall system. The heating plant features modular high-efficiency condensing type boilers and hot water pumps equipped with VFD’s. New heating hot water pumps ensure optimal operation under both partial-load and full load conditions.

In addition, we created a computational fluid dynamics model to simulate and predict how critical wind conditions would affect exhaust from the fume hoods to ensure the exhaust would not be direct to the outside air intakes of the rooftop units. Geometric and parametric studies were carried out to identify locations for the exhaust fume hoods and airflow.