Urbacon Ltd.


DC2 Data Center




Richmond Hill, Ontario




95,000 square feet

Maximizing Collaboration to Increase Production Capacity for a Chemical Manufacturer

Following the success of Data Center One at the Barker Business Park Digital Campus, Urbacon quickly shifted into developing the second of five data centers on the campus to accelerate the delivery of an increased variety of end-user service alternatives, from powered shell to rack-ready solutions.

Our team provided full structural services for this single-story data center, which consists of steel beams and columns to accommodate clear spans of up to 44 feet supported on circular reinforced concrete footings. The roof structure is split into two levels–a high roof over the office space and a low roof over the remainder of the structure.

Outside the building envelope, a suspended slab supported on circular footings supported on circular footings support the generators, and a series of steel beams support Kyoto units. The design also includes provisions for future generators and Kyoto units.