University of Massachusetts – Boston


New Roadway Network and Campus-Wide Utility Corridor


District Utilities
Mechanical & Electrical
Fire Protection


Boston, Massachusetts




$225 million

Transforming Campus Utilities for High Efficiency in the 21st Century

We provided design and construction administration for the university’s utility corridor and roadway relocation project, an important transformative start of more than $700 million in new facilities and infrastructure construction on the campus over the next 25 years.

As prime consultant, our scope of work included the design of a new roadway network to improve overall traffic circulation and pedestrian connections, and a campus-wide utility corridor—including hot and chilled water piping, domestic and fire protection piping, medium voltage electric, telecommunications, sanitary and gas—to improve utility services to existing and future buildings.

We performed a study of campus utilities focused on reconciling conditions, capacity, and green initiatives for each system as specifically related to implementing the campus master plan. We found several new efficiencies and potential green initiatives, particularly regarding how the central plant relates with each individual building connection.

We also seamlessly coordinated building loads with the plant operations and maintained high building Delta T’s, taking advantage of seawater for free condenser water cooling. The project also took into account maintainability and reliability through redundant loop configured systems.