Their challenge

When this long-time Salas O’Brien client needed help to supplement their design of a three-way switch to feed a new station from an existing transmission line, they turned to our team. The station engineering team was responsible for design and procurement for the three-way switch and corresponding interrupters, signage, switch operators, and grounding. The client’s transmission team specified a 15-foot davit arm on the switching pole, while the client’s standard was to use an 8-foot davit arm. Since the client’s specifications were designed for the 8-foot davit arm, Salas O’Brien had to customize a solution to fit the available materials.

Our solution

Salas O’Brien ordered additional insulators to install onto the pole to minimize the length of jumper from the switch connection pads to the passing through line. This reduced the tension caused by the jumper on the equipment and minimized the risk of clearance issues. Our team also worked with the client’s transmission team to install the switch on an existing line.