Their challenge

Chicago’s Academy for Global Citizenship was struggling to efficiently accommodate its 500 students and teachers in two rented facilities separated by a major intersection and truck route. Our client wanted to build their charter school a new building and campus that would better reflect the school’s global stewardship ambitions. This new building needed to include state-of-the-art engineering designs that would take it beyond LEED Platinum certification, using the Living Building Challenge as its guide. The design also needed to include space for 550 students, a community center/kitchen, an urban farm, and health and fitness spaces.

Our solution

To meet the challenge, our team provided full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design services for the new campus, bringing it beyond LEED Platinum certification. Our design met the client’s unique needs for spaces like laboratories, presentation spaces, learning stations, and play areas by outfitting each space with the engineering design it needed to work efficiently and sustainably. Our design also ensured that the urban farm could produce its own power.