Stanford University


Cantor Art Center and Green West Library


Clean Energy


Stanford, California




$1.5 million


120,000 square feet

Energy Services for the Cantor Art Center & Cecil H. Green West Library at Stanford University

Salas O’Brien has been providing energy audits for Stanford since 1982. As part of an ongoing energy program, the university targeted two historic buildings for energy audits—Cantor Art Center and Cecil H. Green West Library—due to their relatively high energy usage when compared to other buildings. Because these historic buildings were not built in a humidity-controlled space, they dry out quickly once systems are shut down and take more than a week to reach steady-state again after start-up. This amplified the need to have redundancy in new systems.

Our comprehensive energy audit highlighted humidification and direct digital controls as the best opportunities for energy savings. The resulting mechanical systems overhaul implemented constant volume central station air handling units (AHUs) with fixed outside air, humidification, chilled water, and reheat coils.

These AHUs are controlled by an energy management and control system. Modulating the chilled water coil and heating coil depending on demand controlled zone temperatures, and modulating the chilled water for dehumidification and the steam-to-steam humidifier for humidification controlled zone humidification.

Commissioning, measurement, and verification of these projects resulted in delivered incentives of $181,518 for the library and $122,792 for the art center. Our work provided overall verified savings of $520,000, resulting in a payback of fewer than three years.