Their challenge

Our work on the South County Annex building began with a design to replace existing electrical disconnects serving the condensing units on its roof. Subsequently, the scope of the project grew to include systematic replacement of 33 split-system air conditioning units (air handlers and condensing units) which serve the entire building. While the newer, more sustainable units increased energy efficiency in the building, they were also larger, which presented a significant obstacle to their integration.

Our solution

Our team overcame this project’s key challenge by adding a rail to the existing equipment curbs. The addition accommodated the size of the new units, met and exceeded Florida Building Code standards for structural integrity, and saved the county the considerable cost of physically modifying the existing curbs and surrounding roofing. In addition to this work, our team provided the county with several options to reduce costs through air handling. Based on our recommendations, county leadership decided to add four new units that increased airflow and humidity control efficiency.