Their challenge

In spaces that contain priceless, centuries-old archaeological artifacts, no environmental detail is unimportant. Temperature, airflow, lighting, and humidity all have the potential to negatively affect delicate artifacts—so it is important to have an experienced and conscientious engineer involved in the design of their storage and display environments. That’s why San Francisco State University trusted Salas O’Brien with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications engineering design for the exhibition gallery in their new Global Museum.

Our solution

Our team was hired by the museum’s architect to add a dimmable LED track lighting system to the exhibit hall and to ensure that all of the space’s MEP systems, power, and data were optimized and compliant with California’s Title 24 code requirements. Our team modified the existing power and data, completed mechanical and plumbing design services, and customized the electrical design to match the unique lighting needs of the gallery space. Each track section of the finished lighting system can be individually controlled from a separate dimmer panel—a feature that enables user-friendly adjustments for the hall’s varying exhibits.