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Ensuring Peak System Performance through Detailed Assessments

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) periodically verifies systems are operating correctly to comply with local, state, and federal regulations and reporting requirements. Assessments also ensure NIH meets sustainability goals, plant operations needs, maintenance requirements, and federal reporting requirements for the Facility Condition Index and Backlog of Maintenance and Repair.

Our team has partnered with NIH for several years, providing multiple facilities assessments across several states. One example is our comprehensive assessment of the Central Utility Plant and Cogeneration Plant in Bethesda, Maryland. The Central Utility Plant provides steam, electricity, and chilled water to all central campus facilities. Our assessments were the basis of detailed recommendations for sustainability improvements and long-term planning for system enhancements and maintenance, including cost estimates for equipment replacement.

Our site visits verified baseline capital asset equipment age, quantities, and costs, and verified equipment operational settings to ensure the plant met local, state, and federal reporting requirements. We interviewed on-site operators and reviewed regulatory requirements, air permits, and as-built drawings.

The Cogeneration Plant is among the largest of its kind owned by the United States government, also known as one of the cleanest cogeneration systems in the world. By producing less than half the nitrogen oxide of other commercial turbines, the Cogeneration Plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 58,000 tons, saving $5 million per year.