The challenge

Our client is always improving research in more efficient and innovative ways, which requires recurring equipment and facility upgrades. They regularly need structural engineering services to accommodate their newest endeavors.

Our solution

We offer multiple structural engineering services for the Ames Research Center, including the design of pedestrian access platforms, cooling tower installations, chiller replacements, and sensitive equipment anchorages, amongst other services. Our most recent project includes work on their wind tunnel complex, which houses the world’s largest wind tunnel at over 1,400 feet long and 180 feet high, requiring sound structural support.

Our current work includes the seismic load analysis and design of a high-pressure electric air heater base frame. The unique design uses an ASCE 7 design criteria of an I=1.5 importance factor, per NASA Ames Pressure System Safety requirements. The project utilizes CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software, determining the gravity loads, temperature stresses, and seismic response spectrum reactions.