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Music Hall at Fair Park




Dallas, Texas




Clair Brothers

Seamlessly Interconnecting Touring Show Systems for High-Quality Sound to Every Seat

The Music Hall at Fair Park is typically in use 300 days a year. One of its most popular programs—The Dallas Summer Musicals—hosts Broadway touring shows. Because most Broadway theaters have 800-1,000 seats, the shows design the sound for the smaller theaters, which had been a challenge for the 3,400-seat venue.

We worked with the Music Hall to provide major advancements to the acoustics and sound systems to bring high-quality clear sound to each of the 3,400 seats. The touring show technicians frequently comment that acoustically, the Music Hall is now one of the best—if not the best—theater on their tours.

Since the initial project in 2011, we have worked continuously with Music Hall at Fair Park’s dynamic and responsive leadership to implement new technologies as they arise so that they continue to deliver exceptional quality based on the standards of the time and on the ever-changing needs of touring companies and audiences.

Far more than a fine consulting firm, this team has been a valued professional partner in improving every aspect of our patrons’ acoustic experience. We have gone from patron complaints to patron compliments!

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Barry Epstein