Interior Renovation of Office Building and Lobby


Interior Design


Redmond, Washington




700,830 square feet

Five Building Campus Renovation

Microsoft planned to relocate thousands of employees from buildings that were demolished to temporary spaces. To accomplish this, they needed to renovate the interior of five existing office buildings on their Redwest campus. Our goal was to develop a dynamic, refreshing design that better reflected the company’s brand, enhance workplace collaboration and client identity, differentiate each of the five office buildings, and make them feel connected to the rest of the campus. 

The design team created five unique, bold color palettes that gave each building separate identities and emphasized campus connection. Floor-to-ceiling graphics in the three-story atriums enhance verticality and natural light, while greenery and new lounge furniture bring human scale to the vast space and encourage socialization. New carpet locations and the strategic use of texture and color were successful in visually shortening the long hallways, wayfinding was improved, and useful collaborative zones were designed into many areas.

Funky, tackable surfaces and bright, writeable walls are located at hallway intersections to help increase collaboration among various employee neighborhoods. The newly designed reception desks feature pixelated, textured panels that subtly reference an aerial view of the Puget Sound region, bringing a sense of place and identity while maintaining the campus connection.