Miami University


Geothermal Campus Conversion


Mechanical & Electrical


Oxford, Ohio




3.2 million square feet

Dividends on the Path to Carbon Neutrality

Our team provided analysis and design for the utilization of geothermal energy to manage the heating and cooling needs of the campus. Analysis focused on developing a master plan for providing thermal utilities to new and existing buildings on the university’s Western Campus. Planning required energy modeling for new residential life facilities, a new dining hall, and the existing buildings of the Western Campus. Chilled and hot water were connected to several buildings including Stonebridge Hall, Beechwoods Hall, and Hillcrest Hall.

Once modeling was completed a new district energy station was
sized and located within the Western Campus. We assessed options for providing utilities via life-cycle cost analysis of chiller options and geothermal assets. Life-cycle cost analysis included ancillary system costs associated with new electrical distribution, hot and chilled water utilities, and distribution options (including new tunnel extensions).

The new energy station includes four 250-ton screw heat pump chillers, two 350-ton screw heat pump chillers, one 700-ton magnetic bearing cooling only chiller, and two 4,000 MBH hot water boilers. The energy station was designed completely in 3D Revit.

Finally, conversion of existing buildings from steam to low temperature hot water were assessed and cost estimated to provide a complete project cost for the Western Campus energy strategy.