The challenge

They needed to expand their headquarters campus to serve as a cytology and histology lab space with a 110,000-square-foot, three-story addition, and it needed to support continuous operation of current and future lab system spaces.

Our solution

We designed the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure for the addition and the renovation of existing space. Plumbing included de-ionized water, compressed air and lab waste systems. A hydraulically calculated, combined fire sprinkler and standpipe system protects the facility. HVAC systems include a steam boiler for humidification, hot water boilers for heating, two 275-ton chillers/cooling towers for cooling, and a central exhaust system for laboratory hood and equipment exhaust. Custom air handling systems are designed for laboratory pressurization and ventilation requirements. Electrical infrastructure includes a 3,000-amp switchboard, 1750 kW whole-building generator, 40 panels, lighting controls, telecommunications, fire alarm and lightning protection.