Their challenge

When this client needed to replace two existing Knockout Tanks, they approached Salas O’Brien for engineering design assistance. The current tanks’ locations and existing space limitations caused unique design challenges, and in order to meet the client’s heavy production schedule, the plant could only tolerate minimal downtime for the replacement. In addition, the inlet and outlet fume piping required replacement and re-design to increase operational flexibility.

Our solution

Working closely with the client and construction contractors, our team developed a detailed scope of work and drawings package. In order to ensure our design’s success, we began by evaluating the existing foundation to confirm the structure gave adequate support for the new heavier stainless steel tanks. Our design encompassed new fume piping layouts, a new structural steel platform for access, and new tank equipment layouts to alleviate space issues. Our team also evaluated the new tanks for conformity to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, and we supported equipment procurement and on-site construction through the subsequent phases of the project.