Their challenge

One of the largest glass manufacturing facilities in the region was seeing unplanned failures of the existing water piping due to the overall plant and associated piping age. Changes to the plant layout over time meant that routings of the water piping from the city mains to the different buildings now sat under roadways, buildings, and other finished areas. With limited accessibility to the water lines and tie-ins, each shutdown could span from a few days to a few weeks while repairs were completed. The necessity of water supply to the individual operations meant that each failure forced a shutdown to the entire production line it was supplying.

Our solution

Our team was engaged to engineer a solution that would provide more reliable, cost-effective water supply to critical facilities. We began by developing several high-level options ranging from relining existing plant water lines to complete replacement of all facility water piping. Based on plant feedback and review of our cost estimates, the client chose a design solution that utilized new above ground redundancy lines. With this solution, even if the underground main failed, production could continue. The design specified pipe routing and tie-in points that could utilize existing structures and city meters, limiting the amount of new structures required. Where existing structures could not be used, our team designed new pipe stanchions.