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Reducing Water Consumption & Utility Costs with Smart Design

Our client had an existing batch process where liquids and solids are combined, and 20,000-pounds of solids are added via 50-pound and 2,000-pound super sacks to a mixture of oils and water. The then-current process used significant amounts of water to improve homogeneity and transportability during processing. However, the final product generally had a moisture content of less than 10 percent. To minimize water consumption and reduce utility requirements, the client wanted to switch to a continuous process with in-process solids concentrations greater than 40 percent.

Working closely with research & development, operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel, we developed the details on the client’s proposed extrusion process, including developing an arrangement for the new equipment to interface with existing equipment and within the existing facility limits. We also evaluated the new process equipment utility requirements (steam, water, electricity) and made recommendations where additional capacity was required. We also provided probable construction costs to determine capital priorities and a potential roll-out throughout their manufacturing facilities.