Their challenge

The client’s goal for this project was to convert Norton’s existing control and training rooms into a new 2,000-square-foot raised-floor switch room that could support critical systems. The project also involved the installation of new OptiCool indoor chiller pack and refrigerant pump systems (ICPs and RCPs) for further environmental control.

Our solution

Our team performed MEP and fire protection engineering services, architectural design, and construction management to achieve our client’s goals for the space. We designed n+1 redundant MEP systems that support 150 watts per square foot (w/ft²) and installed a Liebert DSE Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) that provides humidity control using the raised access floor and ceiling plenums for air distribution. These new systems required reinforcement both inside and outside the new switch room. ICP and RCP condensers and HVAC equipment servicing the switch room were added to the roof of the facility, supported by a 1,200-square-foot structural platform designed by Salas O’Brien. The added platform includes a louvered screen wall to shield the equipment from outside view. The new switch room is also supported by a new FM200 fire protection zone both above and below its raised access floor. Salas O’Brien designed this zone and also modified the building’s existing pre-action sprinkler system so it would protect the new switch room along with the rest of the building.