Their challenge

In this project, this client asked Salas O’Brien to provide mechanical and electrical engineering design, architecture, and interior design for a new 42,000-square-foot switching center in Redmond, Washington. The designs needed to accommodate the data center’s temperature control infrastructure, backup systems, and security access to ensure the facility stays faultless reliability and secure.

Our solution

Our design solution included a VAV (variable air volume) system and a central condenser water loop to serve multiple CRAC (computer room air conditioner) units, heat pumps, and the VAV air handler. The heat-generating telecommunication equipment is served by multiple CRAC units supplying common overhead ductwork. Each room served by the CRAC units is designed to maintain operation in the event that one unit fails through the use of redundant equipment and an automatic DDC (direct digital control) system. Electrical work included extensive DC and AC power systems, including two 1250kW overhead cable tray systems for switch room and control room power and data distribution, and a fully monitored security system with central control room stations and secured entry station.