Fortune 15 Telecommunications Company


Mobile Switching Center Rollout


Architecture & Interiors
Mechanical & Electrical


Hillsboro, OR
Redmond, WA
Fairfield, CA
Mililani, HI




20,000-30,000 square feet per project

Prototype Development and Implementation Provides Client with Cost-Effective, Secure, and Reliable Network Facilities

Whether sending an imperative work email, scrolling through news feeds, or simply calling home—every user connection is made possible by telecommunications providers. This leading telecommunications client routes data through mobile switching centers (MSCs) strategically positioned around the country. Their reputation for network reliability is their number one priority, and our partnership provides building design strategies to accomplish that goal.

Our highly specialized architectural, mechanical, and electrical design teams understand the critical nature of these facilities and provide highly integrated design solutions that mitigate the risk of network disruptions due to extreme weather, power outages, and other factors outside our client’s control.

For the MSC prototype and implementation projects, our integrated approach to site planning, space planning, envelope design, HVAC, plumbing, AC & DC power, emergency power, lighting, communications, security, and fire protection systems allowed for cost-effective and schedule-efficient construction.

Furthermore, our proactive approach to permitting and construction administration provided the quality control and speed-to-market required in this fast-paced industry.