Fortune 15 Telecom Company


Data Center


Mechanical & Electrical


Bothell, Washington


32,000 square feet

Design & Coordination Ensure 24/7 Operation During Expansion

To support our client’s data center expansion, we designed the build-out of 32,000 square feet of floor space on the second floor of their existing space. We completed the project in coordinated phases to ensure construction would not interfere with the data center’s existing operations.

To accommodate the expansion, we had to enlarge the mechanical courtyard by 2,500 square feet. Our designs also added a separate three-story, 14,700-square-foot substation facility, two new generators, an 80,000-gallon make-up water storage tank, and a second 20,000-gallon fuel tank to provide backup service to emergency generators. Our work also supported a new network operations center and new office space.

Careful coordination on this project ensured the data center operated 24/7 with an uninterrupted power supply during construction.