Their challenge

The available expansion area was irregularly shaped, with a rail line on one side and an existing transformer and maintenance building on the other. The storage area was further minimized by the need to extend an access road and concrete drainage ditch around the new storage area. Various underground utilities had to be identified and either abandoned or relocated, and the local municipality had a rigorous construction permitting process. Salas O’Brien was engaged to provide engineering and design services for this 100,000-ton storage expansion.

Our solution

Civil site-work included demolition, grading, drainage, relocation and extension of underground utilities, and volumetric calculations to confirm the area could accommodate the required volume within permit limitations. Our engineers designed the access roadway and drainage ditch to maximize available storage area while maintaining required rail line clearances. A concrete wall was also designed to shield the existing transformer and maintenance building from coal handling operations and increase the storage area. Grading around the new feeders was designed to minimize water intrusion into the reclaim tunnels.