Their challenge

This client needed an engineering and equipment procurement partner to create designs for a bulk material handling system at one of their key plants. The system needed to transfer synthetic gypsum from the plant’s existing stack system and mix dry fly ash, lime, and water at adjustable rates to create a conditioned end product suitable for stacking out into the plant’s landfill. The project required coordination with multiple stakeholders to create an integrated model, perform clash detection, and design multi-disciplinary solutions that would accommodate the complex properties of the materials and necessary transfer processes. The systems also had to work within the existing operations of the power station and integrate with surrounding equipment.

Our solution

Our design covered the addition of a belt scale to the existing gypsum tripper conveyor, new reversing and transfer conveyors, a transfer tower to support the elevated tail end of the stacker, and a radial stacker. Salas O’Brien developed and presented a detailed execution plan for these systems during the bid phase. We then fine-tuned our plan and used AutoPlant software to create a 3D model that could merge with the overall project model, which integrated specifications from other project contributors. Using this software, our team collaborated to identify and resolve conflicting details in the design.