Dickinson Independent School District


Dickinson High School Security Upgrades


Technology Design


Dickinson, Texas


$3.5 million

Phased Security Upgrades for Main Dickinson ISD High School

Dickinson Independent School District serves portions of the Galveston Bay area in Southeastern Texas. Located 50 miles outside of Houston, Dickinson High School is the main high school in the region. When the school decided to upgrade their campus’s communication and security systems, they came to Salas O’Brien for help.

Due to the phasing of the high school renovations, the integrated security solution had to be backward compatible with existing security systems in other parts of the campus.

In coordination with the district’s IT department, Salas O’Brien developed plans and specifications that allowed for the integration of the campus’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, intrusion detection systems, and access control systems. The campus has approximately 200 cameras, so Salas O’Brien designed a virtual matrix that allowed security personnel to quickly access different camera feeds and recordings.

The finished system utilizes an S2 software platform, and both the access control and video surveillance systems are IP based for centralized management.

The school can now synchronize CCTV recordings with the swiping of a card at a card reader, and special “trouble alarms” trigger camera activation, making response and accountability safer and more efficient for teachers, students, and security staff.