Department of Defense


Edwards Air Force Base Photovoltaic & Battery Storage Program


Asset Management


Edwards Air Force Base, California




$2 billion

Largest Photovoltaic-Battery Storage in North America

The purpose of this project was to help the Air Force optimize the value of non-excess real estate assets at Edwards Air Force Base under a performance-based contract. Our team was able to leverage our Enhanced Use Leasing experience and knowledge of commercial best practices to allow the Department of Defense to enter a long-term lease with a private developer to enable development.

We provided an energy resilience technical and economic feasibility study to support this development. Our environmental impact statement and environmental investigative report helped the Department of Defense decide on an industrial-scale project to provide renewable energy and increase energy resiliency at Edwards Air Force Base. The feasibility study investigated the marketplace, including industry and regulatory interviews, analysis of the existing utility system, real estate options, and utilization of in-kind generated from the project for energy resiliency efforts at the base.

A key consideration in this effort is the utilization of the proposed project to incorporate resiliency through battery storage and the use of in-kind to support other resiliency and sustainability measures at the installation.

In addition, we conducted market research into power purchase agreement pricing to understand the commercial viability of delivery to potential off-takers. As a result, this project is preventing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 800,000 metric tons annually and provides power for up to 238,000 nearby homes.