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Structural Expertise Saves Costs, Time While Delivering Unique Features

Our team has provided structural consulting and engineering for several projects at Denver International Airport including new construction, expansions, and renovations.

We’ve been involved with the design of the A-train terminal and the Westin Hotel in the South Terminal, expansions to Concourses B and C, and renovations to the Great Hall.

In each of the projects, our team used BIM technology to model the metal framing prior to construction to ensure our designs would integrate seamlessly with existing and proposed building systems.

Because of the space constraints at the project site, the walls were constructed off site and transported in, creating special structural considerations for loads caused by transportation and installation. As bonus, this panelization saved the client in construction costs and time.

For the Westin Hotel, our team solved the unique challenge of designing structural supports for the Sky Lobby ceiling, which is a curved, barrel-vaulted, internally lit structure composed of multiple glass fiber reinforced gypsum panels. Adding to the project’s perplexity, this 160-foot-wide by 30-foot-tall feature is just a couple of feet below a steel barrel-vaulted structure that cantilevers outdoors by about 60 feet and deflects about 6 inches in windy conditions.

Our team’s highly technical expertise and precision ensured both elements are structurally sound while delivering the architect’s intended aesthetic.