Their challenge

The sleek, three-story structure includes interactive AV displays, a Polar Bear mascot photo op, and lots of shopping—all topped off by a rooftop beverage bar overlooking the Disney Springs shopping promenade. Our Orlando team was brought on board the project by its architect, Baker Barrios, to ensure that the store’s roof-mounted air-cooled chiller and chilled water air-handling unit delivered on guests’ expectations for a chilled environment in the store.

Our solution

Some of the unique design elements that enable dense cooling in the space are glass-enclosed interior walk-around ramps, which create circulation between floors, and a pressure relief system that discharges air to the roof-mounted bar and creates a slight cooling effect on the roof. Our team also helped ensure the function of a liquid nitrogen fog effect in the Polar Bear Interactive display at the photo op area—a feature that adds a dramatic flair to the mascot’s entrance.