Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles


Engineer-of-Choice Relationship


Mechanical & Electrical
District Utilities


Los Angeles, California




$10,000–$6 million each project


480,000 square feet

Serving as the Engineer of Choice for Renowned Pediatric Hospital

Our relationship with this client started with developing an electrical infrastructure master plan which set the framework for our ongoing relationship.

Our first project—relocating their main utility substation—paved the way for the hospital’s new Gateway Surgery Center by moving its medium voltage campus distribution system, which serves four major acute care services buildings, from the heart of the campus to across Sunset Boulevard. We systematically moved one feeder at a time to avoid disruption to the hospital’s critical care facilities. Gateway now houses the central utility plant and emergency power generation system.

Our familiarity with their building systems has allowed us to serve as an extension of the hospital’s Facilities Operations Group. We’ve completed more than 100 projects including an upgraded data center with an N+1 uninterruptable power supply system, an interventional lab suite, an imaging department master plan, an advanced comprehensive cardiac imaging suite feasibility study, and a clinical lab HVAC system upgrade.