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Increasing Production Capacity & Streamlining Existing Processes

This client needed to increase the production capacity at one of their Texas facilities. We analyzed their operations and provided engineering designs to replace a catalyst preparation tank, increase the compressed gas capacity, and debottleneck the downstream distillation process.

The designs included a new Safety Instrumented System (SIS) and automated emergency purge system. One of the key challenges lay in planning for upgrades to electrical equipment while minimizing production downtime. In addition, some of the systems and equipment needed to meet specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for compliance. We created a model of the cooling water system that enabled us to simulate and analyze the effect of an increase in cooling water flow (necessary for expansion) and made adjustments to achieve new throughput. In addition, we specified all instrumentation and controls to meet the process and SIL requirements and to integrate with the plant’s distributed control system and the new SIS.

Our work increased production capacity and streamlined processes while causing minimal downtime during implementation.