Their challenge

This client issued an RFP for the design build of a gas-fired steam plant to replace their existing outdated system. The plan was initiated in anticipation of upcoming changes to emission standards, and it required an accelerated schedule for completion. In addition, the project required outdoor installation—a factor that made the design requirements more complex.

Our solution

Working in collaboration with a contractor and on a tight schedule, our team provided mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineering design for this project. Our civil and structural designs covered site re-grading, underground gas and water piping, guards, barriers, boiler and equipment foundations, and pipe support. Electrical design scope included power supply for all boiler equipment, control cabling, and the heat trace. Our mechanical design covered specifications for the boiler and equipment. This included chemical addition, water treatment, sampling, and natural gas pressure reduction station design. Our team also provided mechanical engineering for all piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) development and piping layout design. Our use of 3D software for the piping layout allowed changes to the boiler and surge tank deaerator design to be incorporated into the final construction package without delay.