Century Park


Century Plaza Towers and 2000 Avenue of the Stars




Los Angeles, California


$214 million


3 million square feet

Common-Sense Commissioning® for Iconic Century Plaza Towers and 2000 Avenue of the Stars

Our team has provided Common-Sense Commissioning® on both of the iconic Century City buildings that comprise Century Park–Century Plaza Towers and 2000 Avenue of the Stars.

The central plant that served the towers needed a significant overhaul, and they needed to move production of chilled- and hot-water utilities from off-site to on-site facilities. We provided commissioning services for the installation of a new 6,150-ton chiller plant and a new 33,600 MBH boiler plant, supporting each step of the project from design review through functional testing and LEED certification.

At 2000 Avenue of the Stars, our commissioning services on their mechanical, electrical, plumbing, smoke control, and redundant systems saved the owner $30,000 in change order costs while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the targeted systems.