Their challenge

The bright, artistic La Kretz Hall was named for its primary patron—real estate developer Morton La Kretz—and includes wet-labs, greenhouses, an observatory, and a Van De Graph linear accelerator. The facility is part of CSULA’s larger Annenberg Science Complex, and it supplies needed research and instructional space for faculty and students in the school’s chemistry, biology, allied health, and geology departments. Salas O’Brien was brought in to support upgrades to the building’s fume hood intensive space—another key research area.

Our solution

The bulk of the engineering services our team provided for this transition were prior to and in preparation for fume hood installation. These services included verification of the chemicals used in the new laminar flow hood (and these chemicals’ corrosive properties), an overall check for code compliance, a review of the electrical and mechanical controls interface, and the development of installation specifications. Our team also provided support during the installation.