Brampton Civic Hospital


Inpatient Building and Diagnostic and Treatment Building




Brampton, Ontario




1.27 million square feet

First DBFM Project in Ontario Features Innovative “Zipper”

This award-winning project was the first pure design/building/finance/maintain project in Ontario. It consists of a six-story inpatient building, a three-story diagnostic and treatment facility, and a seven-story parking structure.

Instead of using a conventional costly and unsightly expansion joint, the 600-foot-long inpatient building was built in two pieces and “zipped” together after cladding was complete. After it was zipped, the building was brought up to a stable operating temperature. This allowed for a design without permanent expansion joints, giving more architectural freedom while satisfying the requirements of a post-disaster facility. A traditional design would have required structural expansion joints of up to eight inches thick in all walls, floors, and ceilings, and the requisite pipes, ducts, conduits, and gas lines. This innovative design, which we refer to as the “zipper,” realized construction cost savings of millions of dollars.