Their challenge

When this chemical manufacturer started having issues with a batch process in their plant, Salas O’Brien analyzed the problem and provided options for design solutions to alleviate the problem. The existing system utilized eductors to draw solids, used in a pre-reaction phase as a catalyst for polymerization, into a liquid stream. Unexpected liquid overflows and accumulation of solid slurry on the adjacent charging pot and conveyer were affecting the reliability and consistency of the process, and the client needed a viable alternative.

Our solution

Working closely with plant operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel, our team developed a series of design options to improve the reliability of the process. Salas O’Brien also specified agitation testing to validate new equipment selections. Our vetting took into consideration the possibilities of uncontrolled solids addition, power outages, and inadequate liquid charges and gave the client confidence that the new technology and approach could withstand unexpected crises.