At Salas O’Brien, we believe in commissioning. And though code now requires commissioning in more places than ever, we’ve always believed that the energy savings and long-term value that commissioning provide make it the right thing to do.

In fact, commissioning saved a Salas O’Brien client $900,000 and resulted in an immediate payback. Here’s the story.

Century-Plaza-towers1.jpgCentury Plaza Towers

The Century Plaza Towers are one of the most well-known office and residential buildings in the Los Angeles area. Completed in 1975 by architect Minoru Yamasaki, the towers resemble Yamasaki’s other “twin towers,” which fell in New York on September 11, 2001.

As the technology needs of residents and tenants continued to increase, the central plant serving the towers needed a significant overhaul. Further complicating the project was the need to shift from producing chilled- and hot-water utilities off-site, at a nearby district energy plant, to on-site. On top of all that, owners decided to pursue LEED for Existing Buildings certification.

Our team commissioned the installation of a new 6,150-ton chiller plant and a new 33,600-MBH boiler plant, both of which were installed in an underground parking deck. We were there at every step, from design review and construction site visits through functional testing and LEED certification.

As a direct result of Salas O’Brien’s involvement, the owner saved $900,000 in rebates, immediately paying back the investment in commissioning—and proving that partnering with Salas O’Brien can result in both financial and environmental savings.

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