Work With UsAt Salas O’Brien, we like to say that you can “expect a difference” while working with us. We approach each new project with a new client as the start of a long-lasting relationship. Each project that follows builds on that relationship, allowing us to better understand and better serve the client each time we work together.

But what does that actually mean? How is working with Salas O’Brien really different? Here’s what you can expect when you work with us—a process we call the Salas O’Brien Difference:

Listen & Collaborate

This is the discovery phase of the project, where you’ll share the challenge you’re facing, and we’ll share how our expertise aligns with your needs.

Understand & Define

Next, we’ll discuss project specifics together and determine which steps we should take to meet your challenge.

In this phase, we will discuss these four things:

  1. Project Scope
  2. Project Schedule
  3. Project Cost
  4. Project Safety

Execute & Deliver

As we start implementing our plans and designing solutions for you, we’ll focus on technical performance through our project management organization, quality management system, and safety compliance.

Learn & Leverage

The project may be complete, but our team isn’t done yet. We’ll carefully evaluate each completed project to learn from the experience, improve our working relationship with you, and build momentum. With each collaboration, our relationship grows—allowing us to leverage our knowledge and maximize efficiencies, project after project and year after year.

Interested in Working with Us?

We’d love to hear about the unique challenge you’re facing. You can reach our team online or call us at 877-725-2755.