Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High SchoolThe Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School in Houston provides a modern, student-centered education in a high-tech, sustainable facility with state-of-the-art instructional spaces. The Pasadena Independent School District (ISD) coordinated current technology and equipment with local industry to ensure programs match current standards and needs. Salas O’Brien is proud to partner in such endeavors, furthering our commitment to both sustainability and positive change.

The Pasadena ISD serves much of southeast Harris County in Texas, including South Houston and part of Houston. Servicing an economically disadvantaged populace, the district’s construction of this technical high school brought not only vocational pathways for its students but has also alleviated overcrowding at the district’s high schools.

Salas O’Brien’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering experts helped create a space where over 1,700 students can get hands-on training that prepares them for the future. Because of its unique purpose, the school’s building design and construction involved unique challenges. The focus on vocational training created a need for collaborative meeting areas and lab facilities where students could receive instruction in a wide spectrum of disciplines. Salas O’Brien’s engineers leveraged their experience in collaborative layout design to help create areas outside of the traditional classroom environment—areas for students and staff to meet for small-group interaction and hands-on training.

Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High SchoolEnergy efficiency and sustainability are high priorities for both the Pasadena ISD and Salas O’Brien. Our team used day lighting, recycling, low-VOC products, and renewable solar and wind energy to sustainably meet the unique power requirements. Spaces are flexible, multi-use, and expandable, offering an efficient footprint while encouraging collaboration and providing easy access to technology. We’re very proud to have partnered with Pasadena ISD on this facility, one which provides critical vocational training in an ultra-modern, student-focused manner—while also providing multiple efficiencies and cost savings.