McCoy'sAt Salas O’Brien, we love supporting companies that are locally grown but have a big regional impact and share our ethos for hard work and integrity. McCoy’s Building Supply is just such a company, and we were thrilled to partner with McCoy’s in designing its corporate headquarters.

McCoy’s has a rich history in Texas—one that dates all the way back to the early 1900s. Since then, the company has enjoyed four generations of family leadership, and it still holds to its founding values and commitments to hard work, fairness, and excellent customer service. The company now encompasses over 85 stores across five states and has grown to offer comprehensive building supplies for both businesses and individuals.

As players in the building industry in Texas, McCoy’s executives have an excellent grasp of the importance of high-quality design for projects of every size. Salas O’Brien’s reputation for excellence, strong team relationships, and our Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston offices’ extensive track record in the state made our team the perfect choice to partner with McCoy’s on this project.

McCoy’s executive team chose San Marcos, Texas, as the location for their new corporate headquarters, and our team provided the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design to bring the project together.

The three-story, 73,000-square-foot building features an open central atrium, native stone columns, and custom woodwork that all highlight the company’s value for excellent craftsmanship. The layout and design of the space accommodates collaboration and large company-wide meetings while complementing the company’s departmental structure—both key goals for McCoy’s leadership.

The finished building balances rich details with well-planned functionality, and it’s already empowering McCoy’s leadership to maintain great company culture and continue delivering excellent quality to its customers.